GameCreate leaves beta, released for free

28th October, 2007

GameCreate has now officially dropped the beta tag and has been released for free.

An unlimited amount of hosts are now permitted under a domain at no cost.

For customers with large numbers of game servers and who require guaranteed uptimes, the GameCreate software can be self-hosted in a data centre of your choice.

The software installation is managed by our company and is covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) providing a dedicated solution to your business.

For more information about a self-hosted solution, visit the GameCreate Licensing page for more information.
GameCreate Updates

27th July, 2007

GameCreate is still in active development and is receiving changes and new features all the time.

Support for automatically running selected games under a screen session in Linux has been added.

Several other features such as File Favorites to assist with managing large file collections have also been added.

Many games have also been added to GameCreate in the past few weeks as they have been released.

Visit the Forum for more information and interaction with GameCreate developers and users.
US Scheduled Server Outage

1st August, 2006

The US administration website will be offline August 1st 2006 between 5.30pm and 6.30pm PST. This outage is to improve backup procedures.
US Migration Complete

12th July, 2006

The scheduled movement of all US based GameCreate domains to a local web server in the United States has been completed successfully.

All users based in America should experience much faster performance when browsing the GameCreate website.
US GameCreate Migration Notice

11th July, 2006

Every GameCreate domain which has been created in the North or South American region will be migrated tomorrow (July 11th) from an Australian based web server to one located in the United States, resulting in a faster GameCreate website browsing speed and performance for all American based domains.

The migration will occur on July 11th, and is expected to last between 9pm and 11pm Pacific Time.

No additional configuration by users in these domains is necessary.

Additionally, domains located in Europe will be migrated to a localised hosting solution soon.
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